Saturday, January 12, 2013

Less Like a Journey and More Like a Race

So here is the thing I have figured out since becoming a mommy to a VERY active toddler...gone are the days of leisurely naps and snuggling, playing quietly on the play mat or spending hours at a time in an excersaucer, or swing. Life has sudden taken on a quality that can only be described as going full throttle into hyper speed! 

The Sweet Pea now wants to do everything her way and on her schedule. For a 16 month old she is surprisingly independent and fiercely so.  She has her mind set to do certain things and there is no swaying her. Now I am all for letting her stretch her wings and explore her world and utilize her creativity and problem solving skills, however, these are best left for when we have LOOOONNG stretches of time before us and not at six am when I am trying to hustle my husband, myself and her out the door for work and school.

Yes, I returned to work in September and the learning curve for me on the balance of motherhood and working has been steep. I had a terrible time of it at first, trying to manage my time and get everything done. We have sort of hit a nice rhythm these six months in ,but the Sweet Pea's need for independence is beginning to throw a wrench into my carefully timed mornings. I literally need to be dropping her off at child care at 6:30 am and be back on 422 by 6:45 in order to make it to work on time. (Because as most of us are well aware --422 is just a joy of a road to be on in rush hour traffic!!)

So yes, less of leisurely journey through motherhood and more of a NASCAR race to the finish, but at the end of the day when I go to pick her up and she is so joyfully happy to see me yet doesn't want to leave all her new friends I know it was the right decision to go back to work.

So yes, more to come on the joys, wonders and trials of being a working mommy to a fierce yet adorable little toddler!!

Till next time!