Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Summer Time and the Living is Soggy and the Skies are Empty

Anyone else tired of this rain already?? I am so over going outside and feeling like I am being smothered by the humidity. I feel like we haven't seen sun in eons. Sigh, But I know that once the sun is back I will just be complaining about the heat and high temperatures. Even though my birthday is in the summer I am not a summer person. I was not made for heat, humidity, and sweating when not moving. I am as pale as Caspar and I have naturally curly hair--I DON'T do summer well.

It is the week of July 4th and as long as I seem to be ranting here let me rant about my utter disappointment with the city of Pottstown for not having the fireworks this year. I am utterly flabbergasted by this. How can the entire City Council get brand new iPads but we can't have community fireworks? I thought the borough management and city council were about bringing this town UP not dragging it down. We need events like the 4th of July Parade AND fireworks to build up community support for improvements around town.

I mean have you walked down High Street lately??? OMG--you have two nice blocks and then a crap load of crap afterwards. How are we supposed to turn this town around with such apathy living in town and handling the city council as well. The improvements and turn around of this town can not rest on the shoulders of people like the proprietors of Grumpy's and the Pottstown Karate Club. It needs to come from within the power structure itself and involve the community.

This is not just about no fireworks but what that means for the community. When the council and town government say no fireworks for Pottstown. What they are saying is we don't care enough about the citizens or the community to find a way to fund this event. Yes, there are some serious lowlifes in the town (But there are low life's in every town)--however, there are so many good hardworking families in this town who love the parade and the fireworks and the sense of a joined community that the July 4th events bring to all.

I lived in Philadelphia all my life until 4 years ago when we bought a house up here. I though Pottstown was such a quaint little town with so much potential. But there is definitely a vast underlying apathy and pessimism in this town that clouds a lot of people. I wish there was a way to make people see how great our little town can be--how much we can accomplish together if we just work at it a little more.

I wish City Council did not have only their personal agendas to attain and were looking out for us--the hardworking people and families who are trying to make a home here in our town,.

It's not just about a lack of fireworks in the sky--its a lack of fireworks in the people's souls here in Pottstown.