Saturday, February 9, 2013

Living Life in the Toddler Lane

So, my last post was about how my life has suddenly taken on a rate of speed unlike any I have ever known. And it has truly been like racing full speed down a mountain with no way to stop!

The SweetPea is growing so quickly and changing everyday it is at times hard to keep up! She has definitely found her personality and it is best described as "sassy" and a little bit mischievous. She is quite the character on a daily basis, but in the last few weeks she has really amped up her personality and her demeanor. We are quickly coming to the realization that she is not going to follow any body's rules EVER. She is her own little person with her own little way of doing things and at this point it is pretty much HER WAY or the HIGHWAY.

Such is the life of a toddler. My house usually looks like it has been hit by a hurricane or a tornado depending on the Sweetpea's mood. She loves to pull out every single toy she owns and spread it across and through every room of the house. God forbid I start picking anything up--she will be right behind pulling it all out again! LOL

She makes me smile though. Today her daddy was listening to music in the back room (Which doubles as an office/exercises area) and there she was up on the treadmill like it was a stage dancing around,  laughing, and singing in her little toddler way to her hearts content. And then she was climbing up onto the couch and standing at the window yelling at the birds in the back yard. Whatever catches her fancy and makes her happy is all good in my book!

She does have one slightly troublesome quirk though that I can not find a resolution to no matter how hard I try. She hates, HATES, HATES with a  fiery passion sitting in her car seat. She is good for about 5 minutes and then all hell breaks loose. She does not like being strapped into anything! Her stroller, the buggy at school, the high chair...she hates the straps and being buckled in but it is worse in the car because there is no way for her to scooch out of the straps. Driving anywhere that is further than ten minutes these days is headache inducing for both me and the hubby. I need to find some way to get her over this hump. We tried toys, a mirror, sippy cups, cheerios, music....nothing works. Sigh--any advice out there?? It would be much appreciated!!

Overall though she makes me smile more than I have ever smiled in my life! She continues to amaze and fascinate me every day and so I don't mind the messy house (OK OK I do it bugs me to no end!!!) but I do love her little face to pieces so I'll just keep running after her and cleaning up the messes as they fall! It's what makes Mommyhood so rewarding....and exhausting!!