Saturday, March 31, 2012


Sorry for the lapse in posts even though I promised to post on my regularly scheduled posting schedule the Sweet Pea had other plans! 

The last two weeks have been crazy with my sweet girl. I believe she has started teething in full force and oh goodness gracious it is not pretty!! She has been a drool monster and her little hands are constantly in her mouth. Then because of this she tends to cough and gag which of course sends me in to a tizzy because I am afraid she is choking. So teething rings were bought and chilled and she likes them well enough but really she prefers launching them across the room or at my head (Seriously, this kid has a real shot a being a major league pitcher someday!) 

But the real issue in all this is how cranky and uncomfortable she has been. And oh so clingy--to the point where if I walked out of her line of sight she had a major meltdown. I felt so helpless because there is nothing I can do to alleviate the pressure or get those little teeth to come in any faster. And the real kicker to all this??? There are still no teeth and the doctor said it could take a couple of months still for a tooth to come through. AHHH!

But things seem to be better this past week and the Sweet Pea is back to her cheerful self albeit with short bursts of intense crankiness! LOL But I can handle that it was just the all day from the time she woke up till the time she fell asleep crankiness I was losing my mind over. 

On top of all this I have recommitted to working out and getting back to my pre-pregnancy size and it is killer! I have a treadmill and an elliptical at home so I am trying to get on them for an hour a day and do some cardio interval training every day. Plus, I signed up for the 100 Burpees a day challenge at my Crossfit gym See video above (AHHHHHH!!!!!)

But I really need to get my YMCA membership renewed so I can use the pool and the stair climbers etc. Plus they have a great play room for the children and now the Sweet Pea is old enough to go in there while I work out. And the staff there are super nice. So I would be able to get in my hour workout with out having to stop every five minutes to get Sweet Pea a new toy or help her back up when she tips over from her seated position (although she is a great sitter now but still HATES being on her tummy). I just want to get back down to my pre-pregnancy weight by summer so the hubby and I can pretty much start trying for baby #2. (I am not getting any younger here and my baby making window is closing in on me! LOL)

So that has been the craziness of my life. I WILL be posting regularly and I am now a part of the Top Mommy Blogs so I still have to figure out how to link up and get votes so bear with me in that regard! Take care!

Much luv!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

An Exciting News Update

Okay very excited!! I was accepted as a Top Mommy Blog! Yay! So I will be linking to TMB at 

I have to figure out how to get the badge on my site and all the other stuff still but I just had to share my excitement on having my blog accepted! So cool!!!! 

 Very exciting for me and my Lil old blog here!!
So if you are a part of TMB please feel free to offer suggestions or tips on how to utilize my being a part of the community in the best way possible. It will be much appreciated!!

Much luv!

Programming Note

Okay I am back online! Woo! Last month my cherished net book was infected by some sort of virulent Trojan virus. The virus completely whacked my net book clean. It took the hubby awhile to completely restore my net book to workable status but in the interim the virus completely annihilated everything I had on file. All my blog post ideas, references, writing pieces, etc are GONE. So I have pretty much been trying to restore everything and re-write a good many pieces I had in the different writing stages. Oy vey! But I thought I should definitely jump on here and get a post up so y'all know I am still alive! I will be back on my regular posting schedule starting this week. I have definitely missed writing and checking out all the other blogs. So I promise to get back to posting and commenting this week! Look forward to catching up with all your blogs too!!

Much luv!