Sunday, March 31, 2013

Spring and the Promise of New Beginnings

So finally the spring is beginning to feel like it will arrive in days not months and months! 

First official sign of Spring for me since moving to Pottstown a few years ago is the influx of classic cars on the road and the promise of the First Saturday car shows on High Street loom ever nearer. The hubby and I really do enjoy strolling downtown on those lazy summer Saturdays looking at all the cars and smelling all the food from the different vendors ...oh such fun! 

And with Spring here the allure of summer looms and I can't wait to indulge in some fun times with the little one this summer! She is mobile and so interested in different things that I just know that this spring and summer in Pottstown will be full of fun things to do.

I love Spring because it ignites a spark in me. I feel full of possibilities and look forward to the days I can spend doing activities with the sweet pea and taking some time for myself as well. 

This spring I am going to start training to do some 5ks in the area. I am going to start small and keep working towards my goals. But I definitely feel the need to start running and get back into pre-baby shape. She is 18 months now and I really want to get back down to my goal weight so this spring and summer that is definitely on my list of things to accomplish.

I love the sweet smell of Spring and all it whispers and is one of my favorite times of year. How do you celebrate the coming of Spring?

Till next time!!
Much luv!!

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