Saturday, June 11, 2011

Why I Love Being Pregnant

Sounds strange to love something that makes you incredibly hormonal, gain weight, break out in zits and waddle like a penguin when you walk...but I have to admit it--I love absolutely everything about being pregnant!  I guess it's because I waited so long for this blessing and now even with the complications...I truly am enjoying pregnancy!!

  Here are my top ten reasons why I love being pregnant:

10. Hubby is so sweet and will cook me special meals or go out and buy me a regular sized Rita's just to indulge my cravings for sugar free water ice!

9. Getting to register for all the baby items--that was so much fun! I love being able to pick out the design elements for the nursery and the lil onesies and all the cute and practical things! I love it!

8. The deferential treatment from salespeople and cashiers at stores as I waddle in to make my purchases. So far everyone has been super nice and uber helpful! Plus now I get to park in the "stork" parking or the "mommy to be" parking spots that so many stores have these days! I used to long for the day I could do that and now I can!!

7. Pre-Natal Vitamins--My hair and my nails are growing so long!! My nails would probably be in better shape if I wasn't a nail biter (ugg something I need to work on!) but my hair is growing super fast! YAY!! I want my hair to be really long again so this is a great help!

6. I am over my caffeine addiction and that is awesome!I never in a million years thought I would be able to give up caffeine! Before I was pregnant I was literally drinking a pot to a pot and a half of coffee a day!Plus diet cola... Now all I drink is water and I have no intention of going back to either coffee or cola after the baby is born! So pregnancy has some health benefits too!!!

5. Boobs...omg I have boobs!I lost a ton of weight a few years ago and of course one of the first things to go was my boobs! But now that I am pregnant I no longer have deflated little boobs I have  Massively large boobs..which the Hubby adores!LOL I forgot how much fun they could be!! But I know they are only a temporary gain here..but I'll enjoy them nonetheless!

4. Bursts of creative energy! I am feeling extremely creative these days. I am writing more now than I have in years --I just feel so inspired everyday!Journaling, poetry, short stories...tons of ideas floating in my head!! I am back into crafting--I have not one, not two, but three cross-stitch projects going for the  Lil Sweet Pea and I am even looking to pull the sewing machine out this summer to work on a quilt! I kind of lost my crafting mojo there for awhile but boy oh boy has it come back full force these last few months!!

3. Taking time for me. Pregnancy has given me a reason to slow down and relax. Take time to pamper myself with some much needed "me" time. I am able to just sit down in the evenings and read if I want or watch a television program because I can ( and usually because I just don't want to get up off the couch!!)

2. My Baby Bump!! Oh my gosh have no idea how long I waited to be pregnant or how excited I am everyday to look down and see this tummy popping out! I love shopping for maternity clothes and getting to show off my bump! I have never felt more womanly and girly girl than I do these days!! I love it!

1. And the number one reason I love being pregnant:  Getting to feel all the little kicks and hits from the Lil Sweet Pea and hearing that heartbeat and then getting the ultra-sound...and just knowing my little one is in there growing by leaps and bounds every day and that in a few short months I will be holding the Sweet Pea in my arms. It makes me smile everyday!!

Much luv!!


  1. I think the only better feeling than being pregnant is a hug from those little arms !! Congrats!

  2. I LOVE Rita's! I live in outside of Philadelphia area and Rita's is closed from October to March so my mom and I had to drive to the mall just to fulfill my Rita's desire back in January lol.