Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hurricane Irene and a Pregnancy Tidbit I was Unaware of...

Sooo the impending Storm of The Century--Hurricane Irene (or at least that is what EVERY news station will have you believe--even though she has been downgraded to a CAT 1...) is rolling into my neck of the woods today...yes it is dreary and grey and just a little bit windy. I will do my duty and put my patio furniture away and hunker down with the dog and kitties...but really the way the news is portraying this storm right now makes me think I should have hired Noah to build me an Ark!!!! OMG...can you say "trying to start widespread panic"?????

But anyways, in the midst of all the hyped storm coverage I learned something interesting. Did you know that low barometric pressure is often associated with the onset of labor???? Greeeeat...I so do not want to go into labor this weekend. So I think I am just going to have to squeeze my knees together and say no to the Lil Sweet Pea. There will be no labor during the hurricane! I have thus decreed that my final answer !!  I'm just sayin....

Much luv!


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