Sunday, August 28, 2011


I tend to get obsessed as in totally absorbed in and must do or participate or buy or read or watch whatever my obsession at the moment is. It keeps me motivated to try new things (or at least I like to think it does!LOL)

Anyways past obsessions for me include:
1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer television series
2. The color pink
3. Star Wars
4. Makeup tutorials on You Tube
5. Project Runway and then the subsequent need to buy a sewing machine to try to teach myself to sew (Hee hee still working on that!!)

And many others, but ya'll get the idea and I will definitely share more of my obsessions here on the blog (which is another new obsession of mine!) But once I have become obsessed with something I tend to stay a fan of said activity or book or show etc.

Well my newest obsession is Pinterest. OMG...have you been to this site?? I could pin and re pin things to my "boards" all day long and quite frankly have spent too many hours doing just that lately. Plus you can link it with your Facebook page and share all your "pins" with your friends. It is so much fun!!! Plus I find so many great craft, food, home and fashion ideas on there and new websites or blogs to check out. I am definitely in full blown obsessive mode with it right now. I love pinning pics and ideas to my boards. I love that I have followers who re pin my pins. I love commenting on the pins. I am spending way too much time on Pinterest right now!! But it is so addictive. I truly recommend you try it!

So that is my latest obsession right now...well that and the impending arrival of the Lil Sweet Pea!! LOL

As they say on Pinterest--Happy Pinning!!

Much luv!


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