Monday, August 29, 2011

Am I the Only One???

Am I the only pregnant woman left who did not find out the gender of her baby at the ultrasound??? I certainly feel like it. Everywhere I go people ask me "What are you having?" and I answer "Oh I don't know we didn't find out...its going to be a surprise!" and then said person looks at me like I have two heads and usually replies with something like "Oh well isn't that interesting...but didn't you want to know? How will you decorate the nursery if you don't know?" Really????

I know it is so easy to find out the gender of your baby in this day and age. I know that the technology has taken the iffiness of the answer out of the equation and 99.9% of the time they get the gender right. I can understand finding out if you already have children and need to know for clothing or room painting etc. Then the technology and the ease at which a technician can tell you the gender of your child may make sense for you.

                                          **My Lil Sweet Pea**
But for me, this is my first child. This is my dream come true. This is my blessing from God after so many years of feeling as if I would never be able to have a child of my own. For me, not finding out the gender has only enhanced my entire pregnancy experience. For me-not finding out the gender of the Lil Sweet Pea came down to this thought "How many TRUE surprises does one get in a lifetime?" Not many. Not enough for me to say "Yes" when the technician at the ultrasound asked "Do you want to know the gender?" No, no not yet. I will find out when they put my Lil bundle of joy into my arms in the hospital.

So, we made some compromises when we decided not to find out the gender. The nursery is a gender neutral theme of Dr. Seuss. And we had to buy two outfits--one boy outfit and one girl outfit for the baby to come home in from the hospital. We don't have alot of actual clothes for the Sweet Pea but alot of PJ's., so for the first week the Lil one will be in his/her PJ's as we stock up on actual outfits. I don't think it will traumatize the baby though. I am pretty sure that the baby's priorities will be eating, sleeping, and diaper changing.

So do I regret not finding out the gender of my Lil Sweet Pea?? NO, not one bit. Because no matter what gender this Lil bundle of joy is--he/she already has my heart. I love this baby and can not to hold him/her in my arms in a few short weeks.

So am I the only one not finding out the gender of their baby?? Let me know your thoughts...

Much luv!


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