Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Whoa..Epic Fail

Hello there...yes I have totally failed as a blogger these past few weeks. I know it is an epic fail on my part too because I have so many things I want to write about and share! But sometimes life sort of intercedes and you get sidetracked. Well I did anyways and I apologize. But it was for a really good reason which I will share.

See about a year and a half ago I was physically assaulted and about two weeks ago we found out the scumbag was out of prison. Now you would think the D.A. would give me the courtesy of letting me know this dirt bag was getting out as they are supposed to do. As I was told they would do because there is a Stay Away order in place. But alas, I was not contacted by the D.A..No, I found out through Facebook of all places!

Grrr does not begin to describe how I felt. But a call to the DA's office has yet to be returned and in the meantime this waste of humanity is back to his old game. Uggggg...Needless to say the Hubby and I were not happy about the situation but we have all the legal orders in place--Stay Away Order that was ordered through the court judge and a restraining order (we knew this day was coming--however a little warning from the justice system would have been nice!) It is just not the stress I need as I am lumbering through my last few weeks of this pregnancy. So basically I have been running around and stressing this development and making sure everything that can be done has been done.

So that is why I have not been a very good blogger...I have not even read or commented on so many of my favorite blogs in the last few I apologize for my epic fail in that department. But in good news the nursery is progressing along...just waiting on a few items to be delivered to complete it and then I will be posting pics! So that makes me smile!! But now that I am in a much calmer place and am just focusing on the Sweet Pea my regular blogging and commenting and posting can resume. I really do want to make a contribution tot he blogging sphere and will be ever more vigilant about posting from now on. Forgive me???

Much luv!!


  1. Sounds to me like you've had plenty other important things on your mind rather than blogging!
    Sorry to hear about the creeper! I'll be praying that you all stay safe & he gets what he deserves!!

    Now post some pics of that nursery!!

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