Friday, July 29, 2011

Baby Names

So as the weeks fly by and we are now in the home stretch of this pregnancy I have been thinking more and more about the name for the baby. The boy name is easy--Hubby will get his lil namesake if the Sweet Pea is a boy. No trouble there we agreed to that a long time ago.

However, if our lil Sweet Pea is a girl, well then I have a bunch of choices and everyone is my favorite and the absolute perfect choice for at least three days then I start to waver, doubt, and change my mind. 

For the girl name it has to have two citeria for me in order to consider it for the Sweet Pea.  It has to have Anne or a variation of Anne in it and must work with our choice of Catherine as the middle name.  So far I have a growing list on my iPhone of girls names. So I thought I would share them here. But be warned I keep adding names to the list every few days so this list is by no means the comprehensive complete list!! LOL I will probablly add more before the end of the weekend ha ha!

Girls Name for the Sweet Pea:
  1. Annabelle
  2. Guilianna
  3. Gwenevere
  4. Chloe-Anne
  5. Anna-Sophia
  6. Anna-Elyse
  7. Madelaine-Anne
  8. Lily-Anne
  9. Lily-Anna
  10. Francesca Anne
So far that is the most recent list...right now I am leaning towards Lily-Anna but Annabelle was my first choice for a looong time too and I keep going back to that too. I don't know which name the lil Sweet Pea will end up with,,I just want her/him to actually like their name when they grow up! I didn't like my name when I was a teen because all my friends had names like Tiffani, Stephanie, Frani, Sheri, and mine sounded so old fashioned at the time. Now however, I love my name. It is classic --doesn't sound dated at all and it isn't a name that is too common but won't sound silly when I am 75 years old. I want my child to have a name that they will proud to call their own.

Am I being neurotic?? I just think this is the first really important decision that I need to make for my child. I want the name to fit my child and their personality.

I think I will know the right name to choose when I am holding my Lil Sweet Pea in my arms for the first time. And I can not wait for that day to finally arrive!

Much luv!


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