Thursday, July 21, 2011

Been a Sickly Week

So this week was just AWFUL...Sickness has invaded Podville and it ain't pretty. First, the teenager came home from work over the weekend complaining she was not feeling good and a bit dizzy. She pretty much slept it off over the weekend. And by Monday she was bouncing out the door to work. (OH to be 18 again with the ability to bounce back from anything in a relatively quick manner....sigh)

However, Sunday Hubby starts complaining of feeling achy and sore and is running a slight temperature of 100. Not too big of a deal..he takes some NyQuil and intends to sleep it off. We head to bed. I am secure in the knowledge that Hubby rarely gets sick and a good long nights rest will cure him of any ails.

HA HA!!!! BOY WAS I WRONG! Monday morning I awake with the mother of all out of teaching summer school..and head back to bed. Hubby is supposed to be getting up for work but he is not moving from his side of the bed. He is cocooned in the blankets and HAWT AS HELL. Ohhhh no...what is this? I say to myself..."Honey," I gently shake him awake"Honey, are you going to work??" Hubby literally growls at me and says "No, Iam sick and freezing cold." Ummm really?? Freezing? Cause it feels like we have a heating blanket on the bed right now.  This is not good. However, my head is banging and since all I can take is one acetaminophen every four hours due to the pregnancy it looks like I will be spending the majority of the day in bed myself.  Oh how I miss my Imitrex for migraines....

Wake up hours later still feeling like sh*t and hubby is in the throes of a massive sick meltdown. Can I just take a moment here to ask why men are such babies when they are sick???  I am now trying to make him feel better while trying to make myself feel better as is not pretty.  This goes on for the next few days and it goes from ugly to downright FUGLY by Wednesday. We feel like sh*t and let me tell you we look even worse...we look so bad it got to the point on Wednesday that even as craptastic as I felt I had to shower and put some makeup on just so I recognized myself in the mirror. It was that bad.

Let me tell you being sick is no fun...being sick while being almost 8 months pregnant in the middle of a massive heat wave with a hubby that is even sicker and more miserable lends itself to a week of incoherent mumblings and threats, lots of evil side-eye being thrown on each person's end, and the monumental amount of whining from both of us as we struggled to move, sit, sleep, walk or just stand for more than a minute at a time. It has not been pleasant.

However, Hubby is nothing if not resilient. When the store called to say our new flat screen had been delivered...Hubby got himself dressed and headed over to pick it up. So last night he set up the new flat screen in the living room. I think that made him feel better than any medicine And so today we feel more human like and are definitely moving out of this nasty summer flu..but honestly I NEVER EVER want to go through a week like this ever was gross and it was nasty and it was UGLY. 

Now where are all my hair and make up products?? Gotta make myself look human again today and nothing does that better than the magic of makeup!!! LOL

Much luv!

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