Friday, July 22, 2011

A Life List

So I was reading the latest post on Little Miss Momma's Blog called Tips to Overcoming Writers Block and How to Get Out of a Creative Funk see it here I love her blog it is always full of great ideas and crafts and tutorials and Ashley (the blog's author) always makes you feel like you are sitting right there with her!

Anyways I was reading the post in my post sickness haze and one of the ideas she wrote about was compiling a life list. I thought it would be a great idea for me to push past some of my writing issues I have been having lately. So I tried to see how many I could come up with that meant something to me and things that I could accomplish and would push myself to accomplish.  So here is my Life List as of July 22nd 2011:
**In no particular order**

  1. Travel to Italy, Greece, and Germany
  2.  Get Pregnant
  3.  Buy house
  4. Learn to speak Italian
  5. Learn how to shoot a crossbow
  6. Learn to shoot a longbow
  7. Own my own business
  8. Run a 5k
  9. Write my great American Novel
  10. Renew my wedding vows
  11. Read the entire Bible
  12. Learn to sew on my sewing machine and make my own dresses
  13. Learn to cook
  14. Travel to Mt. Rushmore, the Grand Canyon, and Yellowstone
  15. Repair relationships with certain family members
  16. Live in Texas
  17. Live in Maine
  18. Go whale watching
  19. Volunteer at church
  20. Work with an organization that helps our soldiers
  21. Read every Henry Miller novel
  22. Write a children's book
  23. Dye my hair RED
  24. Travel the USA in an RV for a year
  25. Compile all my favorite quotes in a pretty notebook
  26. Put favorite quotes in frames and hang running down the stair wall at my house
  27. Own a 1957 Chevy Bel Air in Candy Apple Red with white leather seats
  28. Take a defensive driving course
  29. Learn to shoot
  30. Learn to rock climb
  31. Go zip lining
  32. Learn to ride a horse
  33. Have a meeting with an angel communicator
  34. Get a cosmetology license
  35. Visit Egypt
  36. Learn Latin
  37. Own a German Shepherd
  38. Meet the Pope
  39. Learn to Ballroom Dance
  40. Take a picture of my child every day for a year
  41. Journal everyday
  42. Blog everyday for a year
  43. Plant a garden and maintain it
  44. Get a Real Estate License
  45. Hike/Climb the Grand Tetons
  46. Visit the US Virgin Islands
  47. Let my hair grow all the way to my waist (halfway there!!LOL)
  48. Then cut my hair into a chin length bob
  49. Learn calligraphy
  50. Act in a play/movie/TV show
  51. Take a ride in a hot air balloon
  52. Write my memoirs
  53. Take a ride in that anti gravity plane
  54. Fly with the Blue Angels
  55. Learn a martial art and become a black belt
  56. Participate in a real Native American sweat lodge ceremony
  57. Get a tattoo on my lower back--Cross with a rosary and roses
  58. Participate in one of those home makeover shows
  59. Be in two places at once
  60. Get one of those "Glamour" photo shoots done
  61. Stay at the Ritz Hotel for a weekend
  62. Buy luxurious satiny silky sheets for the bed
  63. Have a canopy bed
  64. Be able to decorate my whole house in shabby country chic
  65. Get a tan without burning myself!
  66. Dye my hair blonde
  67. Buy a pair of leather pants
  68. Learn  scuba dive
  69. Ride on the back of a motorcycle
  70. Have six pack abs
  71. Go on a safari
  72. Hold a baby lion, tiger, cheetah, jaguar, panther, cougar cubs
  73. See the wild horses run in Montana
  74. Go on a religious pilgrimage
  75. See a Broadway Musical on Broadway
  76. Get pregnant again!!
  77. Become a freelance writer for magazines
  78. To not be so shy--make new friends
  79. Compliment a stranger
  80. Create a makeup workshop for teens
  81. Do makeup tutorials on You Tube
  82. To become the Disney Teacher of the Year
  83. To go to a Ball
  84. To meet Dr. Michio Kaku--famous physicist (I crush on him a bit)
  85. To read all of William Shakespeare's Works
  86. To lose weight I lost over 176 before I got pregnant
  87. To lose pregnancy weight and get fit after the baby is born
  88. To teach a college course
  89. To get a PhD
  90. To work on a presidential campaign
  91. To hold a boa constrictor and a python
  92. To swim with dolphins
  93. To renovate a house and flip it
  94. To have a log cabin in the mountains
  95. To take a cruise
  96. To be a PI and solve a mystery
  97. To meet and have lunch with Sarah Michelle Gellar
  98. To design my own fashion line
  99. To become a motivational speaker'
  100. Learn to swing on a trapeze
  101. Be financially secure
  102. Keep my house super clean and tidy (even with the baby!!)
  103. To be a Stay At Home Mom
  104. Get back into working out everyday
  105. Work as a teacher at my parish school
  106. Smile at everyone I encounter throughout the day
  107. Attend a festival concert
  108. Take a photography course

Okay  so that is what I came up with today. I wrote it in my notebook so I can always add to it or cross stuff out as I accomplish them. But I thought it was a good start to a Life List and it really did stretch my imagination and got me thinking so it was an excellent writing exercise too!!!

So what does your Life List look like??
Much luv!!


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