Monday, July 18, 2011

It Was My Birthday Weekend!

So this weekend was my birthday! I love my birthday and I love when it falls on a weekend! I don't know why I enjoy it so much. I certainly don't relish the thought of getting older (although I must say the women in my family age very well-so hopefully I will too!) But I do like the idea of a day that is mine and special. So I still get as excited as a six year old when my birthday rolls around!

                                             **I wish that was my cake!! Doesn't it look yummo?

This year my Hubby outdid himself on the present I must say! My poor pink Dell laptop had seen better days. It got a virulent virus a year ago and had to be completely whacked. It never worked quite right after and it just got to the point where I never even used it anymore. I would just use the Hubby's laptop. But I seriously missed having my own laptop to do my stuff on (like blogging!!) So I had been throwing hints out for a few weeks hoping the Hubby would pick up on my subtlety such as when we were at BJs "Oh honey look at this really cute laptop! Its not that expensive either!" Ok, subtle I am

However, Hubby keeps asking me if I like the Kindle or the Nook better for an eReader. So I thought he was really getting me one. Which would be awesome too! But lo and behold on my birthday Hubby arrives home with a big pink bag and when I open it up inside is the cutest little brand new net book! Yay for me!!! That hubby is a sly guy lol.

Then Hubby took me out for a lovely dinner. It was a very nice birthday. Which always makes me happy!! This year is special too because it is my last birthday before the baby comes in September and that will definitely be the greatest gift of all!

So Happy Birthday to me!!

Much luv!!

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