Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Holy Crap What A Week!

I do not want to whine but o my goodness what a craptastic week we had here at Casa La Pea Pod. 

It started last weekend when hubby had the beginnings of a toothache. Now, most normal people would make an appointment but no, not my husband. He just started a new job and the health insurance has not kicked in yet. So in his mind this meant push through the pain and be EXTREMELY cranky all week until we get to Thursday and he can not take the pain anymore and calls out of work for Friday. Then he tries to get intothe dentist on Friday but they haveno openings until Monday morning. Oh joy. 
                                         ***Oh Woe Is Me!!***

It was a horrendous weekend. Hubby was miserable and the Sweet Pea joined in on the fun by being overly miserable herself. Mommy has more gray hair than necessary now.

The sweet Pea had her four month vaccination shots this past week and it really threw her for a loop. We had to give her baby tylenol for the first time.. It was just a week and weekend from H-E- double hockey sticks!!

Hubby went to the dentist yesterday and the one tooth was so bad it had to be pulled and he has to have root canal on the other. Oh lovely. But he feels better today and was not a miserable shell of a human so that was a good sign. that and he went back to work! Yay! I have to admit I hate it when the hubby is home and sick. He is so unbelievably miserable and he makes a mess that I have to clean up and did I mention hie is CRANKY and snappish with everyone when he is sick?? Fun times, fun times for all this week.

Now on top of all that the dishwasher died. Ugggg. I HATE washing dshes by hand. But withthe way things are right now there is no money for a new dishwasher as just two weeks ago the clothes washer died and we had to buy an new one. So now no dishwasher. Just adding to the fun here let me tell ya! 

Honestly, I wanted to be able to stay home with the Sweet Pea until she turned 1 but the way things are going, I might need to find a job sooner. Plus I applied for Unemployment almost a month ago and haven't heard squat. So job hunting is on this weeks agenda as well.
Which makes me sad because I don't want to put the Sweet Pea in child care yet. (And my thoughts on that are another post entirely)

So that is my update from the trenches. Here's hoping this week is much, much better!!

Much luv!


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