Sunday, January 22, 2012

Instagram Love

Having had my iPhone for about a year now you would think I would have figured out how to do everything on it, right?? Nope...the iPhone is an endless wonder and I do love, love, love this phone! But because it is such a wonder and it is full of App heaven goodness it took me awhile to get on the Instagram bandwagon.

I see that many many bloggers use it and the pictures are so cool. Now I am not 100% sure how to use it other than getting pictures posted to my Facebook page. But I am a very quick study and have been playing with Instagram all weekend. So here are some pictures I have done using the wonders of Instagram! Enjoy!!

                                         *Looking cool on her 4 month b-day**
                                            *Puckering up for kisses!*
                                            *The Sweet Pea loves looking in the mirror!*
                                            *Rocking my new short do!*

                                          **Black and white on the Baptism photo*
                                           *Its so tiring when you are 4 months old!*
                             **Nom nom I like to eat my hands!**

This is so much fun!! Will definitely be using Instagram more!! But if you have any ideas and or tips or advice on how to get the most out of this App I would certainly appreciate it!! Thanks!

Much luv!


  1. wow!! she is sooo beautiful! I have to smile right back. Have fun!!

    1. Aww thank you so much!!! I have so much fun with her!! :-)

  2. Came by on the Weekend Warrior Blog Hop :-)
    Following GFC

  3. What adorable pics of your little one. And I like your new 'do!

  4. what a cutie! I love the fuzzy back of the head pic. Wouldn't that grab any MOM? Your hair looks cute too! I have major instagram envy. I have no iphone or itouch or iwhatever, so I can't use instagram. Love how the pics turn out with it.