Monday, January 9, 2012


It is 2012! Will the world end this year?? (According to the Mayans it will..but this is coming from a culture that did not even predict their own demise so take their call on the impending end of the world with a grain of salt!!)

Well the new year is always exciting for me because it represents a clean slate, a time to change things, try new things and embrace new journeys and adventures. It is also a time for new resolutions but I am not so much into the resolutions as I am into creating some short term and long term goals that I can actually accomplish in the time frame of the year. I have several NEW YEAR'S GOALS which I will share with you.

My Goals for the New Year are as follows:

1. Work on getting down to my pre pregnancy weight. This is not just a lose the weight quickly goal. This is a goal to get back to my fitness routine, my nutrition routine, and focus on my health and well being. Almost four years ago I lost over 176 pounds. And while many have said that is quite an accomplishment while I was pregnant I was freaked out by the weight gain ALOT.  And even though I only have to lose 30 pounds to get to my pre pregnancy weight it is still a long, hard road to get back on track. I am nowhere near as heavy as I was four years ago but I am in a weird size place right now--my maternity clothes swim on me, my pre- pregnancy clothes are still a bit tight, and some of the clothes I bought after the baby are starting to be big. Honestly when I say I have nothing to wear--I mean I have nothing to wear!!! But as I focus on taking care of me again,eating the way I should, excersising daily I am sure I can follow through and accomplish my goal.

2.  Blog regularly. When I began this blog it was to chronicle my pregnancy and life after with my Sweet Pea. However in my naivete (I had never had a child before!!) I failed to realize that once the Sweet Pea was actually here my life as I knew it was over!! I had such grand delusions of her napping and me blogging and chronicling our daily life in photos and witty wordplay on my blog. Epic fail on my part--I did not think of fussy baby, lack of sleep, crankiness, and the tornado of chaos this lil person caused!! She turned everything upside down and inside out and you know what? I wouldn't have it any other way!! But I am committed to getting my butt on the computer and blogging on a regular basis. It is such a wonderful outlet for me when I write and I need to commit to doing it everyday!

3. Make decisions regarding my career path and future. On Friday I found out my school will be closing or rather as the news reported it "merging" with another school. Problem here? I have no job to return to in September and teachers at the closing schools are being forced to resign and reapply for a position. That would be approximately 1600 people laid off competing for a handful of jobs. I am pretty much unemployed right now. To make matters worse several of the school districts are on hiring freezes or have done layoff themselves so the job opportunities in teaching in my area are slim to none. Which leads me to--What do I want to do now?? I have to make a career game plan. I need to decide where I want to go and what I want to do from here on out. Big decision. And while the unknown is scary to me, I do know that the only constant in life is CHANGE. This is a huge change for me and one I need to move forward with and experience and embrace the journey fully.

So those are three of my big goals for the year. I have others too that I will be discussing on here throughout the months but for now those are the three big ones I am focusing on. Of course my number one goal that supercedes all others is to be the best Mommy to my Sweet Pea!

Much luv!

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