Friday, January 13, 2012

Kindle Love

One of my goals for 2012 is to get back into reading daily. 

I have always been voracious reader. I love books passionately and enjoy curling up on the sofa and getting lost in a new world. I am someone who can read an entire book in one sitting.  Reading a good book is one of my all time favorite past times.

I had long resisted the Kindle or the Nook because I am such a "book" person. My house is filled with books. I have bookcases filled with books throughout my tiny little house! I have tomes stored in totes in my loft above the garage. I have books on my end tables, my nightstands,my desk,my husband's desk and even supported by book ends in my front window I have them everywhere!

My book obsession was so bad that my husband would not drive by a Barnes and Noble anymore because I would get all excited and hyper like one of those tiny little dogs! I started taking old paperbacks to a trade-buy-sell bookstore so I could get credit and purchase more books. Honestly, when it came to books I was like an addict jonesing for a fix.

Then this past Christmas the hubby surprised me. He bought me a Kindle. I was a bit skeptical at first. I mean how could this thin piece of gadgetry possibly compare to the joy of holding a book in my hands?? It couldn't right? WRONG! 
O my was I wrong. Can I tell you how much I love my Kindle?? This thin, light as a feather piece of electronic gadget goodness holds 30,000 titles! Never again will I have to lug around 2-3 big books on a long car ride (always more than 1 book because I always finish the book and then would have nothing else to read) or packing a separate bag for my books when we go on vacation. Here in my hands I now hold all the books I could ever need! 
 **Not my bookshelf--blogger is not uploading my pics--grr**

It reads just as well as a book, plus I can make notes, highlight passages, archive things,and organize titles anyway I want. Ohhh the Kindle is just heavenly! I can not believe I resisted and poo pooed the Kindle for so long. There are a million FREE books to download on Amazon plus library books can be downloaded just as easily. Plus ebooks on Amazon are not that expensive so if need be I can feed my book addiction cheaply! Ahhhhh happiness!!

Why did I wait so long? I have no idea truly. I mean I love technology--I embraced the iPod and abandoned my Cd's, I adore my iPhone beyond what I think is socially acceptable(if you don't have an iPhone I am telling you -GO GET ONE!! That phone does EVERYTHING!!! I could go on but the iPhone should really have its own post, that is how phenomenal it is!)I have an awesome netbook and love techie things so my wait on jumping on the Kindle bandwagon is just at odds with what I usually do. However, I can say that the Kindle is beyond awesome-it is life changing for me! Plus my hubby now no longer has to worry about where to put another bookshelf in our little house and his even bigger fear of being squeezed out of the house by books is abated ! Fear no more my love! The Kindle has answered your prayers. (Although I do think that was his ulterior motive in purchasing the Kindle for me!)

So with the Kindle by my side I will be able to read, read, read and never worry that I don't have a book with me! So, for 2012 I am going to be reading more and have compiled a list of books I want to read this year.
Here is my 2012 Reading List:
1. Around the World in 220 Days
2. An Innocent, A Broad
3. The Hunger Games Trilogy
4. The Stephanie Plum series
5. It's Not Really About the Hair
6. Bram Stokers Dracula
7. Mommywood
8. STORItelling
9. You the Owners Manual
10. Michael Connolly's Mickey Haller series

That is what I have so far. I am sure I will be able to add to this list after I have a second cup of coffee! 

Much luv! Happy Reading!!


  1. I do not have a kindle or a nook yet, but your post has become an inspiration to me. I am always lugging my books on the city bus to read, and when I carry a book that is 800 pages long, it gets kind of heavy! Congratulations!

  2. I've been very skeptical about Kindles, worrying that I'll miss the feeling, look, and smell (I know, I'm weird) of real books. Over time though, I'm realizing how convenient it would be. To see a fellow book lover fall in love with the Kindle makes me want one even more! I'm a new follower from Super Stalker Sunday.

  3. Hahaha! Nice! I like your choice of topic.I found just what I was ndeeed, and it was entertaining!This article is a home run, pure and sipmle!